Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blagowich is runing for the job is a the pic tice for Chuptzah

It is the the only rationly explain the Gov's move in appointing Burris a US sentator . Wether it will stand time will tell. Why did Burris make this play ? I don't know. I guess because because his own political carrer has been stuck in the mud for years.

why is the Gov really doing this maybe he is following Bill Clinton's model and tying to just keep pushing through and trying to last out his term and proclaim victory at the end of it.

well it si truly drama for the ages playing in in Illinois

Sunday, December 28, 2008

on the 8th night of hanukah my true love sent to me

eight glowing menorahs
seven spining dreadels
six potato pancakes
Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

Saturday, December 27, 2008

on the 7th night of hanukah my true love sent to me

seven spining dreadels
six potato pancakes
Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

(again a traditional toy)

Friday, December 26, 2008

on the 6th night of hanukah my true love sent to me

six potato pancakes
Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

(again a traditional dish)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

on the fifth night of hanukah my true love sent to me

Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

a refference to the greek hoplite of the selucid empire of antiochus)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

on the forth night of hanukah my true love sent to me

four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the lastest from VE7KFM.com

not karol maderia site but

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, of Tapiola, Michigan: By his own report, he is kinky, bi-sexual, religiously pre-occupied, into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism, and, he is a known spammer, who made malicious and false reports to child protective services about seven men in seven different states. Morgan is simultaneously sexually obsessed with men named Dan, Dloyd, Steve, DeLorean, and others, writing literally, tens of thousands of cryptic messages to these men. Morgan believes he is being pursued online by various phantom personalities. Personalities, which, in reality do not even exist.

wel i have never reported as religiously preopied still not that slightest evidence I have made any false let alone malious reports I have zero sexaul inter in dan jesswald I am only interested in rational human being

no I am pursued by people literals 10's of thousands of messages many of them claiming I authored them which is unture

Like Karol Madera, Morgan is delusional, with a history of ranting, raving, and threatening. Morgan, like Madera, also has a history of serious mental health issues. Morgan, like Madera, is well known to law enforcement, and a 'person of interest' in unsolved crimes. This summer, Morgan claims he shot and wounded a teenaged boy. If true, he is a danger to others, and possibly to himself as well.

a pwerson of interest now well that is news to me of course how is shooting in criminal in the act evidence of mental ilness

It will come as no surprise if Mark Morgan is once again transported to Marquette, Michigan for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Amid rumors that Morgan began defecating in his own backyard, and sending out SOS distress calls on the radio, following his ouster from the CCRAA radio club earlier this year, Mark Morgan seems to be decompensating rapidly.

still pushing that silly claim I was ever comited in MQT?

Those acquainted with Morgan have shown concern and alarm for his well being, and the well being of those around him. Indeed, several of those who know him well have said "it is time for involuntary commitment." We hope Mark Morgan is able to find peace, soon

hmm as far as I knwo none who is in fact aquainted with is concerned in even the slightest way about my well being

on the thrid night of hanukah my true love sent to me

three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

( the Macabees are fo ciurse the leaders of the revolt)

a fllow on tot hat last

I realy don't understand why dan is upset when his chicken come home to roost ( and raost) he and his cadre of freinds have been harrassing ham for years

finaly several of them have said enough is a enough and beung to fight back

Dan has Rileygrams I don't

dan has proclkaimed he has PTSD a mentakl ilness I do not

dan makes threats of violence regularly and i don't I merely want what I have always wanted to conduct my affairs in peace

yes I have assited cooperated with Karol Maderia VE7KFM . wehy? belong why not he is the efoe of my foes and therefore if not my friend at least my ally any aid I render him helps me

Dan and his friends have beahved like the Japenese warlords leading into ww2 they strike out on various fronts and when their effort stall they rasie the stakes

Dan contiues to this to aid assit others in spreading his sick fanties I am a pedophile

he see nothing wrong with tell those outright lies indeed call himself noble for attacking his fellow yets that way

dan get treatement today please

Monday, December 22, 2008

on the second night of hanukah my true love sent to me

two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

(jelly doughnuts are a tradictuional item this time of year

Sunday, December 21, 2008

on the fist night of hanukah my true love sent to me

a keg of olive oil

(olive oil being of course central to the miracle of the oil lasting)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a note about the the hanukah program that will be coming over the next few night

this year you will be treated to (remmebr you are guests here so be polite) a newish song the 8 days of hanukah sung to the tune of the 12 days of xmas

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lastest liees promoted byt Dan the kook


just a few quotes from Steve the insane via dan the kook

Recently, Morgan reported 7 different men to Child Protective Services in 7 different states. All this, because he has allied himself with yet another lunatic in Canada, known as Karol Madera, VE7KFM, who is as bad, or worse, than Mark Morgan.

gee I have not talked to any CPS person in about a year more in some a few days less in some cases
I made the reports I made and btw the number is higher than & steve because I belived those person including BTW Karol Medera and Todd doughety might have been the annmouse sender oF the pandering note offerring to sell me the sexual services of a 9yo boy. It is awfull that robeson is such a bad ham that he does not want cheild sex pandering reported for investagtion

does anyone realy believe theat Karol Mederia wanted me to report himself for chidl sex pandering?

of course the Nurse (LPN) is claiming again the abilty to dinois people he has never met

Oh, and he was kicked out of the service due to his "nerves" according to Mr. Morgan. However, the HCSD and MSP both have him on record as being transported to Marquette General Hospital in 2004, due to "involuntary commitment for psychiatric evaluation."

missed this in my first reading I was not kicked for nerves according to mE or the USA my dd214 listed the cause of my discharge as failure to follow army weight standards (or words to that effect and I have never said other aditionaly it is quite impossible for HCSD or MSP to record an event that never occoured never been to MQT General period

This behavior is nothing more than an attempt by Morgan to "silence" those who would expose his foolishness and who refuse to tolerate his dishonesty in public forums.

a classic case of the pot claiming the kettle did it Steve Dan et al have been enging in the smear campiagns against any they dislike to silebnce all disent from there views

Be aware. Be informed. Mark C. Morgan is NOT a person of reputable character, nor does he have an honest nature. In fact, not only was he transported to Marquette General Hospital for psychiatric evaluation and treatment in 2004, but he has a long history of similar treatment and harassment of others by various devious and underhanded means.

Steve is not a person of onesty I have never been to MQT general even as visitor

Mark Morgan has been investigated for the abuse of his elderly father, and for making false sos calls, as recently as December, 2008. There have even been rumors that Mark Morgan stole money from his elderly father, in order to move to Michigan, to avoid prosecution there, for crimes that have not been published, yet.

a are one here steve is being honest sorta

indeed I was investagated for abusing my father I was reported for this alleged abuse in 2005 by Robeson himself

Robeson and dan have themselves and continue to spread rumours of various alleged crimes I am suposed to have commited

In summary, beware of Mark C. Morgan of 17366 North River Road, Tapiola, Michigan. Do not hesitate to contact Houghton County Sheriff's Department if he begins stalking you, or your family. Unfortunately, I have first hand experience with his stalking and harassment.

let me amplify his final words if you have any evidence I have comited ANY please call the HCSD or other proper LE

BTW what steve is calling "stalking is self defense ainst his threat to murder me and his online efforts to call is child rapist, elder raper attacks on my wife my father my father in law the US army and NG and so an on

Thursday, December 4, 2008

fake people calimi8ng to be 13 and preganat and they are lying

from O'Reilly covering a woman that went into a Pllaned peranthood claiming to be 13 and pregnant by a 31 YO man now it NEVER happen it is set up to put someone is the worst possible case .

A 13 yo pregnat yes the first thing that come to mind is abortion. no 13 yo should be having a kid. if the truth was being told the 13 yo should not be having a baby first deal with the baby then worry about the 31 yo man

not supporting 31 yo men inpregnating 1`3 yo just asking us to rationaly deal with the result of this awfull event (if it had realy happened as was not the case in this matter)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Global warming? maybe

well we are into dec and still so little snow that we are drawing wood form the unstacked wood devleried not the stack I have spent such effort making it so I stil about 24 weeks of feul stack plus a decent sized pile

24 week of feul run into may meaning I am pretty sure I have enough after by april or there abouts I can get back to the unstalked pile as well

Thursday, November 27, 2008


had the usaul sort of thankgiving turkey dressing green bean stuff mashed taters gravy . me my wife a few friends MTU was nice less work than in years past but I have made minor improvement in autmating the process so it was not hard work

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wood prices, ad from the kosher ham

was reading a Blog that cord wooid is going for 350 a cord in New england hmm IU have my reitred Uhaul perhaps someone in NEW england would like to contact me pay me to bring some UP cord wood there this summer and take a nice vacation there

any interested party should contact me

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

got the chcikens into their winter quarters today

thdid not get the place ready till after dark so we went out to gether them

much easier to gather chickens while they are sleeeping thought

Monday, November 10, 2008

well on the election

Today we have little choice but to hope Obama is the empty suit he looked like to me on the trail

Sunday, November 2, 2008

the election is in sight

in a few days we can hope to know the name of the new president of the USA. I don't think we will know to tile wed noonish at best hopefully we will know byt then

Thursday, July 31, 2008

obama play the race card

"I don't look the other presidents" that is the race card Obama

Thursday, July 17, 2008

game review Cilvion revoluation for Nintendo DS

well my dear wife knowing the way I like the franchise civiilaion got the new game on take along ds lite platfrom
it plays well
it is lots of fun

and goes about anywhere
so I am having fun

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

we were BUGGED

well the josher ham has seen the ability of bug in this case yellow jackets to borow and harm tech

we have been having minor problem with hughes for several week peeking yesterday when the mast finshed coming off the house and knocking the hughesnet idsh completely off alignment thank fully we had already schedulaed a service because of the other problem

answer to what has in fact been slwoing creeping an dshuting my hughesnet link down? wax form the nest being psuhes and and melted by the weather in into the microwave uplink signal

so we have a new transmiter and the dish alinded and thing are moving along again


Sunday, May 25, 2008

a leter from karol

anther blog of mine
coments here will be rejected

on the treatment of newcoming to our hobby

it is in a word disgracefull

myself some 10 years ago I took the 2 exams for the tech exam. I was then pressed to try a Morse Code exam not once but several times yes the VE did not know my history but No does mean No it is not generaly a figure the matter was pushed to point I had to demand my papers be signed so I could leave the room at this the other VEs finaly steped and dealt with the ve the team leader as it happened, i don't blame and the with the end of code testing this is I hear out of the ve "bizz" I have anttened VE sesions were those not express an interest in morse were derided being insulted before they even receive their Callsign nor has this behavoir stopped with the end of code testing, I have myself seen I heard it with my own ears

I read QRZ truky I think if feed wants to be of any service to the new guys he should barr new license hoilder form the site till they have had a chance to meet a decent ham or two, that gruop of misantropes could cudle an egg not merely in the sheel but sitll in the chicken before she lays it

indeed the treament of newcomers to our hobby tend to make think what would happen if we as a society put out convicted child sex offenders in charge of child daycare.

as gruop the ARS allows a few folks to enage in this behavoir then stands around wondering why there are not new hams

Thursday, May 22, 2008

gay im the miliatary breakthough ruling

source link

Under Wednesday's ruling, military officials "need to prove that having this particular gay person in the unit really hurts morale, and the only way to improve morale is to discharge this person," said Aaron Caplan, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington state who worked on the case.

all I can say is wow and this desnt for that ruling...

One of the judges, William C. Canby Jr., issued a partial dissent, saying that the ruling didn't go far enough. He argued that the Air Force should have to show that the policy itself "is necessary to serve a compelling governmental interest and that it sweeps no more broadly than necessary."

again wow

If lesbian can serve in the Armed Forces , the surely mere ham license is ok

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ted kennedy

just caught the news on Fox

I am not a fan of the guys although I would wish a cleaner ened on my worst foes than a brain tumour can easly become

I wish him refuah shlema (renawal of boy and sprit ) or a peacefull passge to the next world if that is not possible

Ted kennedy

just caught the news on Fox

I am not a fan of the guys although I would wish a cleaner ened on my worst foes than a brain tumour can easly become

I wish him refuah shlema (renawal of boy and sprit ) or a peacefull passge to the next world if that is not possible

Friday, May 16, 2008

Barak Obama is lying about the Midle East

Obama has stated "no observer of the middle east belives that IRans power is not the creation of GW Bush" or words to that effect.

he is wrong.

I don't think GW has made Iran more powerfull

Obama is wrong

Saturday, May 10, 2008

my thoughts on the non coverage of Jenna Bush's wedding


swarming over an event that no re3porter is geting within a mile of

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wismen license


wear you see wisemne is exprired but still active


the app itself "10/11/2007 Offlined for Enforcement Bureau Action "

this more than 6 months ago

Rh should be able to either revoke wismens license so he cn apeal or grant the rebewal in this time frame

Friday, April 18, 2008

well manged to a qucki QSO with

VE7KFM himself a short one with the qrn

amazing how the noise suuddenly jumped when when it was clear we were making contact

warning this post some truely offensive newshttp


ARAPAHO, Okla. - Authorities have charged a western Oklahoma sheriff with coercing and bribing female inmates so he could use them in a sex-slave operation run out of his jail.

no fan of LE here although such abuse being revealed hardly even surprises me anymore

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a note said to be from K1man coments about it and about ve7kfm

some coments on this

one I have noit heard his transmission I will not coment on wether or not he has used profanties, he is incocent till at least formaly accused of it though it say thing I said a couple of years back when this mexican standoff was developing and being comented on by various folks that inabilty of RH to finsh off this case suggests either RH has fucked up, or that K1MAN is "right enough" which come to the same thing.

Obviously if enough hams decided to express themselves in the same way the ARS wouild be jamming itself wall to wall. in the end the rules themselves need a rewrite, badly. Sadly they aint going to get it very likely

what has this to do with VE7KFM? well they are in the same boat wether friends or not both are enaged in something unpopular or better prehaps antipopualr (like the antihero concept)

VE7KFM has been carring oin as he has for a number of years IC that regulates him seems to either not care that he is breaking the rulkes or does not think he is breaking the rules. in either case clearly the means for those opposing his action is clear contact IC the CA parliment prehaps the Privy Council in England the Crown the ITU etc. if the jammers were doing that and maybe going on air droping statements urging other to report on VE7KFM and to whom this would be ok, or at least "ok enough"

what we have insteadis stuff worse than VE7KFM is accused of most of the time oioccouriung ooften and profanely and RH doing nothing about that we can see.

IMO this bad because it encourages other to follw suit and deal radio vigalante style with their foes and the result sooner or later is chaos. Rh was put in place to stopp this crap and deal with it.

to date he has failed, if this is seen as a attack so be it but I expect RH himself is wise enough at somne level to understand his efforts have been pretty dismal to date

one final point it don't take 51 percent to be president it can be done with perhaps 13 percent if they are in the right place thanks to the electorial college

From Glenn Baxter, K1MAN16 April 2008Thank you all for your interest and comments about K1MAN. There ismajor ignorance out there about this matter which I wish to addresshere. All K1MAN transmissions have been legal, and this is why the FCC cannotstop them without changing Part 97 rules.The FCC can issue their silly (uncollectible) fines all they want anddelay (almost three years now) renewing K1MAN's license as long as theywant, but they cannot stop K1MAN's on the air operations because K1MANis licensed (even while a renewal application is pending), and are legal, and they know it, and they are afraid to go to court and be made foolsof.K1MAN "broadcasts" are all legal. Most hams forget to look at the FCCdefinition (as opposed to a dictionary definition) of "broadcast," whichis a transmission intended for the general public. Don't like it? Petition the FCC to change the rules.Transmissions must be of direct interest to the Amateur Radio Service,which would include everything ever transmitted by K1MAN. There is notime limit or other content limit on amateur transmissions except a banon profanity. You can call Riley a bum or you can call Glenn a bum ifyou wish. You can be called a member of the "Amateur Nazi Party (aficticious joke to make a point, or course)." K1MAN has nevertransmitted profanity.You can publish a schedule and then come on without listening as bothK1MAN and W1AW have done legally for years. If you don't like it,petition the FCC to change the rules. This is good engineeringpractice in the opinion of both K1MAN and W1AW. Bad engineeringpractice would be to put one way W1AW or K1MAN transmissions ondifferent frequencies from day to day.K1MAN used timers to start the transmissions exactly on time (for 17years), as is also done now by W1AW. Current K1MAN policy is to checkthe band on or near 14.275 and come on a clear spot sometime in themorning and run all day and then do the same thing sometime in theevening on or near 3.890 and then run all night. This solves the QRMcomplaint. The odd times makes it more difficult for intentionaljammers of the show.The closest that K1MAN comes to pecuniary interest is to announce(publish) that the transmitting schedule can be found at www.K1MAN.com.This is far less commercial than "QST, QST, QST, this is W1AW inNewington Connecticut." QST, of course, is their magazine for sale. Then you have to buy an ARRL handbook to check the accuracy of your codepractice! K1MAN is also less commercial than talking you in to a hamfest where you then pay to be admitted. K1MAN has never solicitedmoney on the air.K1MAN is legally remote controlled. The most recent inspection ofK1MAN by three FCC engineers from the Boston office verified this 100%.In a previous attempt by the FCC to inspect K1MAN, they went to theunattended transmitter site and did not bother to telephone to ask wherethe remote control point was on that day. The FCC lids in Washington,of course, reported some of the latter and none of the former.IARN (the International Amateur Radio Network) is not baloney. IARNwas officially recognized by both the State of Maine legislature andVermont Academy for emergency traffic work world wide. These honors,of course, were never mentioned in QST.
The FCC officially equated K1MAN to W1AW in an FCC letter dated 2November 1989 from FCC Special Services Division Chief Robert H.McNamara:"We are familiar with the nature of the transmissions by K1MAN and findthat they fall in the same category as transmissions by amateur stationW1AW.."The Supreme Court has ruled that this letter by the FCC constitutes therule by res judicata and that nothing written by Riley Hollingsworth canchange it. The only way around this is for the FCC to change the Part97 rules themselves.K1MAN has been legally "broadcasting" for 20 years. Of course therehave been a few technical errors from time to time. A missed ID, atape jam, the access of a wrong tape by a newly installed cassettesystem, perhaps. There is no rule saying you must monitor your own onthe air signal. If something goes wrong at K1MAN, the phone usuallyrings immediately. Worst case is a card from an ARRL Official Observeror a Notice of Violation from an FCC Engineer in charge. You don'twait several years and then revoke someone's license over minortechnical errors!Opinions and editorials. Some say this is bad. I say it is good tohave robust opinions expressed over amateur radio.Ya know, if you don't like it, turn the dial or hit the off switch! IN SUMMARYRiley Hollingsworth runs a very sloppy operation. Regarding K1MAN, hedoesn't have a leg to stand on. He knows it. If he or ARRL or mydetractors could do something about K1MAN they would, in a heartbeat. It only takes 51% to be elected President. To the other 49%, orwhatever the number is, that don't like K1MAN for whatever reasons, well, welcome to America! Vote with your hands and turn that great bigdial on your radio! 73 and GL de K1MAN.

Friday, April 11, 2008

winters last hurrah

what a day snow more snow east wind the very worst kind for the area and lot of digging

Sunday, April 6, 2008


the melting moves along we today have spoted the first piece of the the yard to melt out intot he clear

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

reports of my death are over stated but not by much (or so it feels)

after we all atatended the super fest my wife persauded me to stay till monday and then we did some shoping in (kosher market in Milwakee ) and hjeaded north is rain and havey fog and some constructions meant we got to Iron Mountain LATE and in hevay snow consulting with local (on the IM repraters and being inform that the plow swere not going to out out till after midnight we decided to stay in IM MI and got something to eat that was a mistake we got something fired isn less the fresh oil and final got home yesterday and spend the night vomiting

so as I said the rumours of my death are exagerted but not by much

funn at AES

well AES has always been a funn event for my and my wife as well as my Fatherinlaw who lives out Milwalkee WI, I meant to grab some pictures but nI wgot bussy tlaking to folks and thing did not work for any picture No hositilty there so much unlike the online world

wife picked up some bookk and is thinking about a new ht since she is start to the nice and simple I got her last a trifle confining she seems to be leaning the icom t90a with its slightly defferent shape than my yeasu vx-7r

Thursday, March 27, 2008

well this is my last post ..

..before heading out to for superfest

think any of the promised shit will happen?

i don't but I have posted my travel plans and since someone asked in RRAP i also posted info to contact LE on the way

Saturday, March 8, 2008

nice day

althought do the the bs elsewhere some claims to have hijacked this blog to a buddist temple

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

it is done

ariving a bit late (last minute erand took too long

giving the officers a scare

but I am now rpesident CCraa and my wiofe secratary wil be an interesting year i am sure

Monday, March 3, 2008

winter is over

it rained last nigth and hardly dipped back below freezing at all

Saturday, March 1, 2008

end of winter?

certainly looking that way

oh we will have another strom or 2 but winter seems to loosening its icy grip on the UP

been a relitively mild winter might almost convince of global wamring

Monday, February 25, 2008

just what you don't want to have happeen as you assumme office

to learn one of your reapeaters is moving becuase the tower has been condemend

and you no one can tell when you have to move by

or what it is going to cost

where you are going to do

congrats and you aren't even quite the president yet
well i am now on top of it and know it an't happening till the snow lcears

and we may have a new home

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nadar endorse John McCain

not exactly but it is the same thing or even better for the GOP with Nadar Running

been a quiet peaceul time

necest birthday i have had years

Friday, February 22, 2008

the atacks on John McCain

I listen ad read the coverage of the John McCain

the funny thing is I am no longer shocked, that is sad truly that I am no longerr shocked anymore by the baseless accuastions and libel

Saturday, February 9, 2008

the problems with moderation

RRAMod at google 1 aproved message in 10 days and nothing oabout the CEPT issue clearly something that should draw some mention there.

Moderation has always had some peotencail good to offewr but even RRAP has more ontopic discussion the RRAMod thus it is possible to say that RRAP has had a better signal to noise ratio there being no signal of RRAMod

the case of the bizzare reliygram

sourece at fcc

it contains neither a threaten demand or intrcution very strange

personaly i advise the receiver to answer it with somelike yes I made
staements about power levels intended to anoy my distractors I was
unawre that tweaking the nose of those stalking and harrassing was an
FCC Violation, my leter to was under penality of perjury my coments
elsewhere were not

this is of course not legal advice but....

it shows clearly in my opinion that RH was correct when he decided to retire

Thursday, February 7, 2008

romeny OUT of the race

yahoo article

and 40 miliion poorer a good day for the GOP

I hestate to sugest it but

you could ask Glen the current president if I doubt I am president elct the clubs website his email is there under officers and on a few of the other pages

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

well it done

I am now the president elect of the CCARS

we have a slates of officers barely and since only one person stood for each office despesnsed with balloting and I was elected withou oposition, sad in mnay way but I digress

I had had some suspisions that a conversation was going on around me and avoiding me about this election.

as it it happens I was in fact correct, the subject OTOH was my wife and the effort to draft her as our new secratary elect for the club

Monday, February 4, 2008

well a nice day

had a queit night and relitively quiet day Hopefully yesterday I failed my physical at Kingford VAS after all I have no real desrire to jion this particular war

Thursday, January 31, 2008

forget AlQueda we are oftern our own worsst enimies

army member killing themselfs as a vetertran of the armed forces I can tell you why the eforts at preventing suicides are not working . it is realy very simple since your carrer and chances of promotion are seriously marred by even chating with a phrink in times of stress ( as I did when my wife was revelaed to be married to at least 3 other folks at the same time a stressfull) the slightest inperfection is enought to marr forever in many cases chances for advancement

indeed the mere fact I have adknowleged that I have seen seen one is used but the foes of the kosher Ham as reason to justify 10 years of unremeiting hositlity and harrassment

the nation nedsd to develope a realitic attitude toward mental health, it need to do so now

new tyears grill and suchi party

well I have seen my guest n their wayafter doing some grilling and sushi for new years same crowd as thackgiving

I like the way the ramp includes a nice concrete collum where I can set the habachi and cook

dloyd you realy need mental help

Mark> reporting suspect is not a crime dloyd-

Dloyd>yes it is dimwit..better put away you law book for dummies.

Dloyd that is how LE works you report crimes and waht you suspect about the perps and LE hopefully puts together enough to bust the perps who may or may not turn out to be the original suspect(s)

it is not a requirement to absolutely know the name of the perp in order to report a crime

it seems insane that anyoe would dare sugest that

Obama Wins

Obama take 55 ish percent of the vote as of this writing

clearly making him the front runner in the Democratic party an imteresting developement to be sure

the exit poll number also suggest that Bill may have created a anti black backlash, to have given thos evotes to edwards this does give him a basis to fight on if he chooses

on the other side the GOv of Flordia lining up behind McCain which be logical ( and supported by ME but still interesting timing and bad for say Rudy

Monday, January 28, 2008

the lastest idle threat

the latest idle threat

Hardly idle. If and when I sally forth and send appropriate letters, the time spent will be well worth the effort.
You are simply hoping against hope that I am bluffing.
Want to place a bet, Mark?
Care to call my bluff? from annymouse on nimbuster.org

god it is insulting to attacked by such a cretin

annymouse has sent his letter time and time again he/they may have missed a few new hams in the area and maybe one or 2 of my neighboors but the damage is done why would I fear more of the same

esp from someone that can't understand I have been calling their damn bluff for days if not weeks

Sunday, January 6, 2008

more dloyd games

I will have to check out how that apears from say Cyberia next time I am there for a cup of hot cider and see if he is crippling his message or just proving his a terrified to enage me under anything like a fair battlefield

OTOH it is nice not to be under that relentless harassment i RRAP will take a bit of getting used to but I will manage

well accordingto RH someone is sending to RH forwards a ofmessages tabout him from me some are real some are fanatastic and total obsense , of course even had I posted the obesnse ones sugesting a govotment offical is having oral sex duty certainly has notbeen a crime since Bill Cliton,( was nice to see HER receive a se back in Iowa