Thursday, January 31, 2008

forget AlQueda we are oftern our own worsst enimies

army member killing themselfs as a vetertran of the armed forces I can tell you why the eforts at preventing suicides are not working . it is realy very simple since your carrer and chances of promotion are seriously marred by even chating with a phrink in times of stress ( as I did when my wife was revelaed to be married to at least 3 other folks at the same time a stressfull) the slightest inperfection is enought to marr forever in many cases chances for advancement

indeed the mere fact I have adknowleged that I have seen seen one is used but the foes of the kosher Ham as reason to justify 10 years of unremeiting hositlity and harrassment

the nation nedsd to develope a realitic attitude toward mental health, it need to do so now

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