Friday, December 28, 2007

like father like son

had to deal with my father having dental problem today

a strnge since some years back the tooth in question had a root canal done but alas is giving the old man problems.

thankfully he is doing better althought the dentist is looking at the exrays realy funny, since to have the problem either the first root canal was botched badly or dad regenerated th e materail to become re infected some 10 years later

well she is contacting his former denetist to see what notes survive and is trying to figure out what is the best permentat solution to the matter

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

may the Messaiah come soon wether for the first, the second or the 12 th time may he come and spread peace over the lands of the erth and clam the wars and violence of Mankind

May he come in gory glory and might such that nation shal thik to raise a sword against its neighboors anymore, and soldier may finaly cease to be needed in the worl

may he grant that we "per Adua ad astra" and step beyond the earth bound demns to the star wherein his glory is to be truely revealed

Sunday, December 23, 2007

the point

. of my bloging that is.

well it is rather pointless, this my online dairy and chjoose to share it with you all. if you are interested of course, if not that is ok too.

I blog because I am enjoying ymself doing it and it preseves outside my pc something I want preseved

Saturday, December 22, 2007

finaly tuned in 14.275

turned my stomach

you I supported the war and GW Bush , I have laid on life on the line for the nation frankly what I heard in few mintue makes me wish for a few second the Brits HAD prevailed in the revolution I don't care if VE7KFM were in a supporter of Al-Quadeda as aleged in is interesting I never heard a clear iding of the signals claiming they were being qrm'ed indeed I heard what Karol would no doubt claim was Crow use ve7kfm as his id

I also seemto recall that it is forbidden to sing on ARS freq, isn the case I heard it is not only inpoper but total enseemly