Sunday, February 28, 2010

idle thoughts

well honestly most of what I write is idle rambling really but this is really idle stuff but you came to hang onto my every word so here it goes

yesterday was weird watching the tidal wave spread and thank goodness do no damage toady is juts quiet and cloudy and boring

Saturday, February 27, 2010

watching the wave

weird watching the expected arrival of the tsunamis at Hilo and Oahu on fax news

very weird to watch this

tsunami hitting live on the news

HILo pic

water out

water in

Friday, February 26, 2010

the is getting better but

still cold and still snow covered very slow melting

BBBLLLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is a blog i always read''current post today about the new space race

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

got this a few days ago

Hi WorldRadio Online readers!

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March Issue Highlights
If you have college-bound hams in your family, you will want to pay
special attention to the March WRO issue. It details the Foundation for
Amateur Radio (FAR) scholarships that are available for 2010. Some of the
scholarships have residency requirements or "course of study"
requirements, but most of them are very liberal. The scholarships can be
as high as $5,000, and I don't need to remind you how expensive it can be
to put kids through college. It doesn't cost anything to apply, so I
recommend giving it a shot. The application deadline is in March, so don't
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Of course, there are your regular favorites, including Aerials by Krusty
Ole Kurt, Rules and Regs, Trail-Friendly Radio, EmComm, Propagation, YLs
and more.

This is my last edition of WRO as editor. I enjoyed being a part of your
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P.S. For those who don't know - '33' is like '73', but only used between
women hams. Do a search on "33 Clara YLRL" and you'll find a poem
explaining it.

Worldradio-l mailing list

Monday, February 22, 2010

thanks I guess

my fan club page

it is nice to have it so public that am I being stalked and why

from the source this date
Formerly known as "Wabbit". Severely pwned by Mark Morgan, and by User:Pope_Snarky. Notorious froggers/forgers & sockpuppeteers; various fanbois claim not to be in any way organised, though some of them periodically contradict that by purporting to speak for all. Their numbers are alleged to include: Douglas W. Adair, Lloyd Davies, Steve "The Pedo" Holestain, Roger Wiseman (Ritchie Troy?), Stanley Lawson, Brian Crow, and Dan Jeswald. Note that most or all of these are allegedly no longer posting to usenet.

They occasionally show bits of individuality by putting a non-Morgan- & non-Snark-related nick on their forgeries/froggeries of Mark or Snarky's email/email munge, while at the same time doing the "spokesman" thing. Several of them are extremely bi-/homophobic, while their associates claim not to care; however, since there is reason to suspect the entire "club" is made up of two or three members, that attitude is suspect. They accuse Mark of being a convicted and registered sex offender, but have failed to provide an unbiased source of information. The reasonable assumption is that they are homophobic Morse code-freaks, who are outraged by the success of Mark's side in the "code/no-code" debate, which saw the relaxation of code requirements for ham radio operators. An adequate rebuttal of this latter assumption has been requested for the past two years, with none forthcoming. However, this site had not existed for most of that period, therefore the request is reiterated. They are welcome to join Kookpedia and make their rebuttal in discussion (q.v.).

The membership of this fan club is nigh-completely unconfirmed, but some names, such as Adair and Jeswald, are strongly suspected, and Wiseman's current legal status is up in the air -- he may or may not have been incarcerated for possession of pedophilia or for pederasty in 2000, but even if he was, he may well have been paroled years ago. Then again, that rumour from Dean Humphries might well have been made up out of whole cloth (but merely because Dean said it, that does not make it untrue (though Dean has zero credibility)). Hence, he may well have been one of Mark's fanbois all along, or for the past few years, or never. Some of the posts from the 'bois do fit his pattern, however, so it would be rash to rule him out entirely.

One fanboi, who sometimes uses the nym "Hoop Dee Doo" (with the email (nearly identical to Mark's , and definitely close enough for a dyslexic), is known to act as a "spokesman", and has claimed not to be homophobic, but his unwillingness to make a clear distinction between himself and the other 'bois belies that. As the major ISP's in the US dump usenet, more of the 'bois are being forced to turn to Google, which is sort of clarifying the issue of who's who, somewhat. Yahoo and Google accounts, however, are throwaways, perfect for froggery and forgery, so they're still hiding behind Mark and his wife. Some of them have adopted the nyms of User:Pope_Snarky, and become owned by yet another usenetter.

List of Awards
Joseph Bartlo Memorial "Pathetic Anal Pineapple" Award, (09/06)
Busted Urinal Award, w/Cue/Lil/Fezule/Gregvk

Sunday, February 21, 2010

happy bday to me

46 today and about this hour too

Thursday, February 18, 2010


here whew

well someone is finaly going postal on the IRS it seems have not tired to read it as it is quite impossible

i do not condone it although having felt like it once or twice when dealing with the IRS. i am suprised that we don't see more of this

the letter is reposted here

good greif

what a night last night was not going into detail but folks will be writing reports for a few days

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a goood read IMO


well aweek after the surgery and...

feeling pretty good hope it lasts all I neeed now is an end to the seige of light snow each enough to dig but hardly enough to use power tools on

Saturday, February 13, 2010

saw a movie last night

the lightning thief was pretty good job of writing and such not easy to fit something into that mythic structure but they did ok

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

global warming debate cause snowfa;lll?

sure looks that way to me

congress was to debate cap and trade this weeek and next now snowmeddon happpens in dc and alll those other conferences

welll feeeling a bit better

still my throat hurts from the sedation and a few other hurt and are expected for a gew days

health update

was given a "clean bill of health" tyesterday but the doctor and the removal of the shunt tired and a bit sore so I am likely to sleep in some today

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the time is ...

7:45 am I should be getting final prep for surgery as you can first read this post

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

was going to have surgery tody but....

the bad weather last week srubbed getting a test needed for the event so it is now sch on the 16th

got bumped....

.... the hosptial got busy emergency stuff so I am now on 16th feb I hope to remove this shunt from the ureter (between the blader and the left kidney in this case)

was bummped a again back to the 9th