Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blagowich is runing for the job is a the pic tice for Chuptzah

It is the the only rationly explain the Gov's move in appointing Burris a US sentator . Wether it will stand time will tell. Why did Burris make this play ? I don't know. I guess because because his own political carrer has been stuck in the mud for years.

why is the Gov really doing this maybe he is following Bill Clinton's model and tying to just keep pushing through and trying to last out his term and proclaim victory at the end of it.

well it si truly drama for the ages playing in in Illinois

Sunday, December 28, 2008

on the 8th night of hanukah my true love sent to me

eight glowing menorahs
seven spining dreadels
six potato pancakes
Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

Saturday, December 27, 2008

on the 7th night of hanukah my true love sent to me

seven spining dreadels
six potato pancakes
Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

(again a traditional toy)

Friday, December 26, 2008

on the 6th night of hanukah my true love sent to me

six potato pancakes
Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

(again a traditional dish)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

on the fifth night of hanukah my true love sent to me

Five phalanx soldier
four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

a refference to the greek hoplite of the selucid empire of antiochus)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

on the forth night of hanukah my true love sent to me

four rabbis wrangling
three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the lastest from VE7KFM.com

not karol maderia site but

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, of Tapiola, Michigan: By his own report, he is kinky, bi-sexual, religiously pre-occupied, into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism, and, he is a known spammer, who made malicious and false reports to child protective services about seven men in seven different states. Morgan is simultaneously sexually obsessed with men named Dan, Dloyd, Steve, DeLorean, and others, writing literally, tens of thousands of cryptic messages to these men. Morgan believes he is being pursued online by various phantom personalities. Personalities, which, in reality do not even exist.

wel i have never reported as religiously preopied still not that slightest evidence I have made any false let alone malious reports I have zero sexaul inter in dan jesswald I am only interested in rational human being

no I am pursued by people literals 10's of thousands of messages many of them claiming I authored them which is unture

Like Karol Madera, Morgan is delusional, with a history of ranting, raving, and threatening. Morgan, like Madera, also has a history of serious mental health issues. Morgan, like Madera, is well known to law enforcement, and a 'person of interest' in unsolved crimes. This summer, Morgan claims he shot and wounded a teenaged boy. If true, he is a danger to others, and possibly to himself as well.

a pwerson of interest now well that is news to me of course how is shooting in criminal in the act evidence of mental ilness

It will come as no surprise if Mark Morgan is once again transported to Marquette, Michigan for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Amid rumors that Morgan began defecating in his own backyard, and sending out SOS distress calls on the radio, following his ouster from the CCRAA radio club earlier this year, Mark Morgan seems to be decompensating rapidly.

still pushing that silly claim I was ever comited in MQT?

Those acquainted with Morgan have shown concern and alarm for his well being, and the well being of those around him. Indeed, several of those who know him well have said "it is time for involuntary commitment." We hope Mark Morgan is able to find peace, soon

hmm as far as I knwo none who is in fact aquainted with is concerned in even the slightest way about my well being

on the thrid night of hanukah my true love sent to me

three Maccabess and
two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

( the Macabees are fo ciurse the leaders of the revolt)

a fllow on tot hat last

I realy don't understand why dan is upset when his chicken come home to roost ( and raost) he and his cadre of freinds have been harrassing ham for years

finaly several of them have said enough is a enough and beung to fight back

Dan has Rileygrams I don't

dan has proclkaimed he has PTSD a mentakl ilness I do not

dan makes threats of violence regularly and i don't I merely want what I have always wanted to conduct my affairs in peace

yes I have assited cooperated with Karol Maderia VE7KFM . wehy? belong why not he is the efoe of my foes and therefore if not my friend at least my ally any aid I render him helps me

Dan and his friends have beahved like the Japenese warlords leading into ww2 they strike out on various fronts and when their effort stall they rasie the stakes

Dan contiues to this to aid assit others in spreading his sick fanties I am a pedophile

he see nothing wrong with tell those outright lies indeed call himself noble for attacking his fellow yets that way

dan get treatement today please

Monday, December 22, 2008

on the second night of hanukah my true love sent to me

two jelly doughnuts and
a keg of olive oil

(jelly doughnuts are a tradictuional item this time of year

Sunday, December 21, 2008

on the fist night of hanukah my true love sent to me

a keg of olive oil

(olive oil being of course central to the miracle of the oil lasting)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

a note about the the hanukah program that will be coming over the next few night

this year you will be treated to (remmebr you are guests here so be polite) a newish song the 8 days of hanukah sung to the tune of the 12 days of xmas

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

lastest liees promoted byt Dan the kook


just a few quotes from Steve the insane via dan the kook

Recently, Morgan reported 7 different men to Child Protective Services in 7 different states. All this, because he has allied himself with yet another lunatic in Canada, known as Karol Madera, VE7KFM, who is as bad, or worse, than Mark Morgan.

gee I have not talked to any CPS person in about a year more in some a few days less in some cases
I made the reports I made and btw the number is higher than & steve because I belived those person including BTW Karol Medera and Todd doughety might have been the annmouse sender oF the pandering note offerring to sell me the sexual services of a 9yo boy. It is awfull that robeson is such a bad ham that he does not want cheild sex pandering reported for investagtion

does anyone realy believe theat Karol Mederia wanted me to report himself for chidl sex pandering?

of course the Nurse (LPN) is claiming again the abilty to dinois people he has never met

Oh, and he was kicked out of the service due to his "nerves" according to Mr. Morgan. However, the HCSD and MSP both have him on record as being transported to Marquette General Hospital in 2004, due to "involuntary commitment for psychiatric evaluation."

missed this in my first reading I was not kicked for nerves according to mE or the USA my dd214 listed the cause of my discharge as failure to follow army weight standards (or words to that effect and I have never said other aditionaly it is quite impossible for HCSD or MSP to record an event that never occoured never been to MQT General period

This behavior is nothing more than an attempt by Morgan to "silence" those who would expose his foolishness and who refuse to tolerate his dishonesty in public forums.

a classic case of the pot claiming the kettle did it Steve Dan et al have been enging in the smear campiagns against any they dislike to silebnce all disent from there views

Be aware. Be informed. Mark C. Morgan is NOT a person of reputable character, nor does he have an honest nature. In fact, not only was he transported to Marquette General Hospital for psychiatric evaluation and treatment in 2004, but he has a long history of similar treatment and harassment of others by various devious and underhanded means.

Steve is not a person of onesty I have never been to MQT general even as visitor

Mark Morgan has been investigated for the abuse of his elderly father, and for making false sos calls, as recently as December, 2008. There have even been rumors that Mark Morgan stole money from his elderly father, in order to move to Michigan, to avoid prosecution there, for crimes that have not been published, yet.

a are one here steve is being honest sorta

indeed I was investagated for abusing my father I was reported for this alleged abuse in 2005 by Robeson himself

Robeson and dan have themselves and continue to spread rumours of various alleged crimes I am suposed to have commited

In summary, beware of Mark C. Morgan of 17366 North River Road, Tapiola, Michigan. Do not hesitate to contact Houghton County Sheriff's Department if he begins stalking you, or your family. Unfortunately, I have first hand experience with his stalking and harassment.

let me amplify his final words if you have any evidence I have comited ANY please call the HCSD or other proper LE

BTW what steve is calling "stalking is self defense ainst his threat to murder me and his online efforts to call is child rapist, elder raper attacks on my wife my father my father in law the US army and NG and so an on

Thursday, December 4, 2008

fake people calimi8ng to be 13 and preganat and they are lying

from O'Reilly covering a woman that went into a Pllaned peranthood claiming to be 13 and pregnant by a 31 YO man now it NEVER happen it is set up to put someone is the worst possible case .

A 13 yo pregnat yes the first thing that come to mind is abortion. no 13 yo should be having a kid. if the truth was being told the 13 yo should not be having a baby first deal with the baby then worry about the 31 yo man

not supporting 31 yo men inpregnating 1`3 yo just asking us to rationaly deal with the result of this awfull event (if it had realy happened as was not the case in this matter)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Global warming? maybe

well we are into dec and still so little snow that we are drawing wood form the unstacked wood devleried not the stack I have spent such effort making it so I stil about 24 weeks of feul stack plus a decent sized pile

24 week of feul run into may meaning I am pretty sure I have enough after by april or there abouts I can get back to the unstalked pile as well