Thursday, September 21, 2006

newest Robeson Meltdown

Steve likes posting "liar liar pants on fire" normaly as he is telling or reteling his lies. I simply looking for a different say Robeson is liar by asking him if Amy (his wife) was fireproof after all if the liars pant were on fire she would be in dangerwell Robeson has (or prenteds to) claim thatI have trheatened to assault her by arson.I have to believ he is just faking outrage it seems even beyond Robeson's normal insanityin any event he chooses to brazen out this latest

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

on speling and spelling Nazi's

some of the RRApp corwd seem to bitch unendingly about the fact I spell poorly and indeed some claim that my spelling justifies somehow threats to kill and falsely accusing me of child molesting an Rapeone having been threatened with murder if i don't spell better i make a point of refusingtwo leaving the stuff here unedited is easierand three it makes it (according tot he standards of the ProCoders) more valuble to you the reader by making you work for it too many authories just give the content away