Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wismen license

wear you see wisemne is exprired but still active

the app itself "10/11/2007 Offlined for Enforcement Bureau Action "

this more than 6 months ago

Rh should be able to either revoke wismens license so he cn apeal or grant the rebewal in this time frame

Friday, April 18, 2008

well manged to a qucki QSO with

VE7KFM himself a short one with the qrn

amazing how the noise suuddenly jumped when when it was clear we were making contact

warning this post some truely offensive newshttp;_ylt=AtPR4Xc.7MgBWAhanKrsvDBH2ocA

ARAPAHO, Okla. - Authorities have charged a western Oklahoma sheriff with coercing and bribing female inmates so he could use them in a sex-slave operation run out of his jail.

no fan of LE here although such abuse being revealed hardly even surprises me anymore

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a note said to be from K1man coments about it and about ve7kfm

some coments on this

one I have noit heard his transmission I will not coment on wether or not he has used profanties, he is incocent till at least formaly accused of it though it say thing I said a couple of years back when this mexican standoff was developing and being comented on by various folks that inabilty of RH to finsh off this case suggests either RH has fucked up, or that K1MAN is "right enough" which come to the same thing.

Obviously if enough hams decided to express themselves in the same way the ARS wouild be jamming itself wall to wall. in the end the rules themselves need a rewrite, badly. Sadly they aint going to get it very likely

what has this to do with VE7KFM? well they are in the same boat wether friends or not both are enaged in something unpopular or better prehaps antipopualr (like the antihero concept)

VE7KFM has been carring oin as he has for a number of years IC that regulates him seems to either not care that he is breaking the rulkes or does not think he is breaking the rules. in either case clearly the means for those opposing his action is clear contact IC the CA parliment prehaps the Privy Council in England the Crown the ITU etc. if the jammers were doing that and maybe going on air droping statements urging other to report on VE7KFM and to whom this would be ok, or at least "ok enough"

what we have insteadis stuff worse than VE7KFM is accused of most of the time oioccouriung ooften and profanely and RH doing nothing about that we can see.

IMO this bad because it encourages other to follw suit and deal radio vigalante style with their foes and the result sooner or later is chaos. Rh was put in place to stopp this crap and deal with it.

to date he has failed, if this is seen as a attack so be it but I expect RH himself is wise enough at somne level to understand his efforts have been pretty dismal to date

one final point it don't take 51 percent to be president it can be done with perhaps 13 percent if they are in the right place thanks to the electorial college

From Glenn Baxter, K1MAN16 April 2008Thank you all for your interest and comments about K1MAN. There ismajor ignorance out there about this matter which I wish to addresshere. All K1MAN transmissions have been legal, and this is why the FCC cannotstop them without changing Part 97 rules.The FCC can issue their silly (uncollectible) fines all they want anddelay (almost three years now) renewing K1MAN's license as long as theywant, but they cannot stop K1MAN's on the air operations because K1MANis licensed (even while a renewal application is pending), and are legal, and they know it, and they are afraid to go to court and be made foolsof.K1MAN "broadcasts" are all legal. Most hams forget to look at the FCCdefinition (as opposed to a dictionary definition) of "broadcast," whichis a transmission intended for the general public. Don't like it? Petition the FCC to change the rules.Transmissions must be of direct interest to the Amateur Radio Service,which would include everything ever transmitted by K1MAN. There is notime limit or other content limit on amateur transmissions except a banon profanity. You can call Riley a bum or you can call Glenn a bum ifyou wish. You can be called a member of the "Amateur Nazi Party (aficticious joke to make a point, or course)." K1MAN has nevertransmitted profanity.You can publish a schedule and then come on without listening as bothK1MAN and W1AW have done legally for years. If you don't like it,petition the FCC to change the rules. This is good engineeringpractice in the opinion of both K1MAN and W1AW. Bad engineeringpractice would be to put one way W1AW or K1MAN transmissions ondifferent frequencies from day to day.K1MAN used timers to start the transmissions exactly on time (for 17years), as is also done now by W1AW. Current K1MAN policy is to checkthe band on or near 14.275 and come on a clear spot sometime in themorning and run all day and then do the same thing sometime in theevening on or near 3.890 and then run all night. This solves the QRMcomplaint. The odd times makes it more difficult for intentionaljammers of the show.The closest that K1MAN comes to pecuniary interest is to announce(publish) that the transmitting schedule can be found at is far less commercial than "QST, QST, QST, this is W1AW inNewington Connecticut." QST, of course, is their magazine for sale. Then you have to buy an ARRL handbook to check the accuracy of your codepractice! K1MAN is also less commercial than talking you in to a hamfest where you then pay to be admitted. K1MAN has never solicitedmoney on the air.K1MAN is legally remote controlled. The most recent inspection ofK1MAN by three FCC engineers from the Boston office verified this 100%.In a previous attempt by the FCC to inspect K1MAN, they went to theunattended transmitter site and did not bother to telephone to ask wherethe remote control point was on that day. The FCC lids in Washington,of course, reported some of the latter and none of the former.IARN (the International Amateur Radio Network) is not baloney. IARNwas officially recognized by both the State of Maine legislature andVermont Academy for emergency traffic work world wide. These honors,of course, were never mentioned in QST.
The FCC officially equated K1MAN to W1AW in an FCC letter dated 2November 1989 from FCC Special Services Division Chief Robert H.McNamara:"We are familiar with the nature of the transmissions by K1MAN and findthat they fall in the same category as transmissions by amateur stationW1AW.."The Supreme Court has ruled that this letter by the FCC constitutes therule by res judicata and that nothing written by Riley Hollingsworth canchange it. The only way around this is for the FCC to change the Part97 rules themselves.K1MAN has been legally "broadcasting" for 20 years. Of course therehave been a few technical errors from time to time. A missed ID, atape jam, the access of a wrong tape by a newly installed cassettesystem, perhaps. There is no rule saying you must monitor your own onthe air signal. If something goes wrong at K1MAN, the phone usuallyrings immediately. Worst case is a card from an ARRL Official Observeror a Notice of Violation from an FCC Engineer in charge. You don'twait several years and then revoke someone's license over minortechnical errors!Opinions and editorials. Some say this is bad. I say it is good tohave robust opinions expressed over amateur radio.Ya know, if you don't like it, turn the dial or hit the off switch! IN SUMMARYRiley Hollingsworth runs a very sloppy operation. Regarding K1MAN, hedoesn't have a leg to stand on. He knows it. If he or ARRL or mydetractors could do something about K1MAN they would, in a heartbeat. It only takes 51% to be elected President. To the other 49%, orwhatever the number is, that don't like K1MAN for whatever reasons, well, welcome to America! Vote with your hands and turn that great bigdial on your radio! 73 and GL de K1MAN.

Friday, April 11, 2008

winters last hurrah

what a day snow more snow east wind the very worst kind for the area and lot of digging

Sunday, April 6, 2008


the melting moves along we today have spoted the first piece of the the yard to melt out intot he clear

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

reports of my death are over stated but not by much (or so it feels)

after we all atatended the super fest my wife persauded me to stay till monday and then we did some shoping in (kosher market in Milwakee ) and hjeaded north is rain and havey fog and some constructions meant we got to Iron Mountain LATE and in hevay snow consulting with local (on the IM repraters and being inform that the plow swere not going to out out till after midnight we decided to stay in IM MI and got something to eat that was a mistake we got something fired isn less the fresh oil and final got home yesterday and spend the night vomiting

so as I said the rumours of my death are exagerted but not by much

funn at AES

well AES has always been a funn event for my and my wife as well as my Fatherinlaw who lives out Milwalkee WI, I meant to grab some pictures but nI wgot bussy tlaking to folks and thing did not work for any picture No hositilty there so much unlike the online world

wife picked up some bookk and is thinking about a new ht since she is start to the nice and simple I got her last a trifle confining she seems to be leaning the icom t90a with its slightly defferent shape than my yeasu vx-7r