Thursday, January 31, 2008

forget AlQueda we are oftern our own worsst enimies

army member killing themselfs as a vetertran of the armed forces I can tell you why the eforts at preventing suicides are not working . it is realy very simple since your carrer and chances of promotion are seriously marred by even chating with a phrink in times of stress ( as I did when my wife was revelaed to be married to at least 3 other folks at the same time a stressfull) the slightest inperfection is enought to marr forever in many cases chances for advancement

indeed the mere fact I have adknowleged that I have seen seen one is used but the foes of the kosher Ham as reason to justify 10 years of unremeiting hositlity and harrassment

the nation nedsd to develope a realitic attitude toward mental health, it need to do so now

new tyears grill and suchi party

well I have seen my guest n their wayafter doing some grilling and sushi for new years same crowd as thackgiving

I like the way the ramp includes a nice concrete collum where I can set the habachi and cook

dloyd you realy need mental help

Mark> reporting suspect is not a crime dloyd-

Dloyd>yes it is dimwit..better put away you law book for dummies.

Dloyd that is how LE works you report crimes and waht you suspect about the perps and LE hopefully puts together enough to bust the perps who may or may not turn out to be the original suspect(s)

it is not a requirement to absolutely know the name of the perp in order to report a crime

it seems insane that anyoe would dare sugest that

Obama Wins

Obama take 55 ish percent of the vote as of this writing

clearly making him the front runner in the Democratic party an imteresting developement to be sure

the exit poll number also suggest that Bill may have created a anti black backlash, to have given thos evotes to edwards this does give him a basis to fight on if he chooses

on the other side the GOv of Flordia lining up behind McCain which be logical ( and supported by ME but still interesting timing and bad for say Rudy

Monday, January 28, 2008

the lastest idle threat

the latest idle threat

Hardly idle. If and when I sally forth and send appropriate letters, the time spent will be well worth the effort.
You are simply hoping against hope that I am bluffing.
Want to place a bet, Mark?
Care to call my bluff? from annymouse on

god it is insulting to attacked by such a cretin

annymouse has sent his letter time and time again he/they may have missed a few new hams in the area and maybe one or 2 of my neighboors but the damage is done why would I fear more of the same

esp from someone that can't understand I have been calling their damn bluff for days if not weeks

Sunday, January 6, 2008

more dloyd games

I will have to check out how that apears from say Cyberia next time I am there for a cup of hot cider and see if he is crippling his message or just proving his a terrified to enage me under anything like a fair battlefield

OTOH it is nice not to be under that relentless harassment i RRAP will take a bit of getting used to but I will manage

well accordingto RH someone is sending to RH forwards a ofmessages tabout him from me some are real some are fanatastic and total obsense , of course even had I posted the obesnse ones sugesting a govotment offical is having oral sex duty certainly has notbeen a crime since Bill Cliton,( was nice to see HER receive a se back in Iowa