Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Go Gobal warming

well this year I for one would be glad to see gobal warming it is 53 degree s here today

Monday, June 29, 2009

ouch for Obama

Obamas justice is over turned as she stands for confirmation

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ah feild day

still lousey prop but at least operating with just a couple of friend we avoid the bs and can do what we want to do

funny we seem to be making more contacts ourselves without having the cw ops around

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Micheal Jackson is dead

may he rest in peace

but i doubt it I doubt the rabid media and fans will ever allow it

Monday, June 22, 2009

ksoher ham sorta

run into his his site on twitter of course he is not a true ham ham as far as I know ( no call) but thought you folks might be amused

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day

esp to my dad but anyone else too

Friday, June 19, 2009

noise DROPPING somehere in pour spectrum

Got this from here an interesting treat stand tuned for further developments


A present to the United States VHF and UHF ham community. This from both the broadcasters and the FCC as many of the nations VHF television stations vacate many of the low VHF channels, go digital and lower the overall noise floor on 6 meters.

The big digital television change out began at 00:01 EST on Friday, June 12th. Stations across the nation chose their own time to turn off their analog transmitters and move their operations to their permanent digital channels. Many of the low-band stations opted to move to the UHF band. A lot of them operated on Channel 2 just above the 6 meter ham band. And when those analog channel 2 transmitters went QRT, the noise level on 6 meters dropped in many locations. Places like Chicago, where Keith Morehouse, W9RM, reported over the VHF Reflector that this is a big plus in Chicago where the long known Channel 2 audio spur is gone. That spur used to trash the WSJT meteor scatter calling frequency 50.260 MHz.

In Milwaukee Ray Greiner, K9KHW, reports on the analog shutdown on VHF channels 4, 6 and 12. He reports that he found most of the VHF and UHF ham bands so quiet that he actually checked and see if his antennas were connected. He says that on 6 meters where the normal noise level was S-3 to S-4, its now zero.

But 6 meters is not the only band seeing a noise floor improvement. Steve Rutledge, N4JQQ, is in Memphis Tennessee/ He says that when VHF channel 3 went to UHF and channels 5 and 13 went digital on their current assignments, that the noise he heard on the 222 MHz ham band when pointing his beam East is now completely gone. He says that in the past, that the noise level was so high that it wiped out any signal from the east, even with a bandpass filter before his tower mounted preamp.

Even some of those living North of the United States and Canadian border are happy about the change. Jordan Arndt, VE6ZT, in Calgary, Ontario says that he can hear the difference up in Grid Square DO-21. This is especially true when the band is open.

Its going tro take a few weeks to really assess the impact that the digital television conversion will have on most of the VHF and UHF ham bands, but so far the results seem very good indeed. (ARNewsline™, VHF Reflector)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

calling all blogs a specail birthday alert

June 17 is my wife's brithday and if I suspect youthe reader did not get her a present well I can can help you with that too kb9rqx.cc.cc is always open you can buy something for yourself or someone you like/love (make her money and thus get 2 gifts for the price of one

or ofocurse below you may give her the gift of cash

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

somethoughts about blogging

one lots of folks blog. it is one place anyone can astory without being interuprted.

it can esaily make a pittqage for having fun

truly I owe something to Nimbusters the way they promote my blogsw to the world it is more effective than spaming and yet I don't control it and can't stop em sw all I have to sit back and watch the adsense stuff add , the silly the materail I write the more they promote it, well since it seems Imust have /deal with stalkers I might as well monetize them

it is an interting effort a KybiOshimaru senario but like Kirk I don't belive in a no win situation as with my web pages I realy don't care if anyone reads this stuff or not althoughI know thanks to adsense, according to adsense 15 bucks has already been crited to my accound to be paid in july and the month is young yet

all I truly care is that the pages impressions add up and the ads get cklicked now and then. No I am not asking you to do this but if an ads interts you please click and not aksing someone to sits and hit refresh over and over again to up the rate but if you do I don't mind

these blogs are my way of sharing with the world and I hope you enjoy them

Monday, June 8, 2009

afew minutes MY wive finsihed a blogpost

my wives blogpost

various persons such our friends at a site called Nimbusters.org a truly bizzaree site where some truly bizzro folks hang out and dream odd schemes of revegnge for alleged slights, will it diagrres with accounts of myown in several ways I'll not list them for the guys make em work for the spam they will spew on that subject

there are 2 reason for that given the refusal of LE in the person of the cops in Illiiopolis I had to try and detect and build a case so I put out a bit of misinfo and conceal some facts so I can tell who is conected tot he real preps and who is not.

second of course my wife and I always had slightly different points of view WRT to these maters as do all humans observing the same event

my wife looking at the photo in this post or now hers

Do bear in mind I am not under oath on blogger. I do and will use disinfo to potect myself and my family my nation my beliefs

have a nice day

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

heard a cute on on Glen Beck

golwater "poli-tics" poly meaning many tics for being blood suckers