Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I do hate it when strnge fuses blow

esp on my sat terminal

Monday, September 28, 2009

tale from the mental I hope

I must still be in the ward having some kind of med induced delusion. the president of the USA is not realy trying to pay off old political debts by bring the Olympics to Chicago the home of that product of daily machine. of course it would be racist to suggest that Obama were doing something for Chicago because he owes the polictians

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

recieved in my email from some where but enjoy

George Bush dies & gets to heaven & is told at the gates he can meet anyone from history.

He says i want to meet Moses.

The angel tells Moses this & he refuses.

The angel goes back to G.B. & tells him to choose someonelse, which he refuses to do.

Again the angel askes Moses who again refuses.

G.B. says that if Moses can give a very reason for not meeting him he will choose someone else.

Moses tells the angel

"The last time i spoke to a bush I spent 40 years in the desert & I not bloody going through that again

Monday, September 21, 2009

a sad duty

the sister of my Father in law just passed away

accordingly I hope the readers of my blog will now join me sort in reading the traditional hebrew prayer of Kaddish render here in english

with her long standing health issues this amount to almost a blessing but here we go

Magnified and sanctified be God’s great Name
in the world created according to Divine Will. Amen

And may the Holy One rule the kingdom in your lifetime and in your days and in the lifetime of the entire house of Israel, speedily and in the near future, and let us say: Amen

May God’s great Name be blessed forever and for all eternity. Blessed and praised and glorified and exalted and uplifted and honored and elevated and extolled be the Name of the Holy One, blessed be. Above all the blessings, hymns, praises and consolations which we utter in the world, and let us say: Amen

May ther be abundant peace from heaven and life for us and all Israel, and let us say: Amen

May the One who makes peace in the heavens make peace for all of us and for all of Israel and for the whole world, and let us say: Amen

Saturday, September 19, 2009


or happy new year esp to all that are jewish

last night (erev Rosh Hashanah) we decided that since we were way too tired to make the trip down to Wasau where we have been attending services after the fiasco a few years ago of the local temple having someone trample all over my wife and I with remarks you un warrented there was no ways we were siting through services we left and realy have not been since well to get back on track last night being tired we went back after all we were too tired tired to go elsewhere and the worst that could realy happen is that we would decided to walk back out again

so we arrived with low expectations and thankfully things exceeded expectations . Yea that realy was not very hard, but things went well the party that offended us so mightl;y before apologized a pleasent surprise and many sought us out to say s heloo and make various small talk. Th etemple has had the same visting rabbi here for nuber of years (he was there when we walked out that yom kippur about 3 or was it 4 years ago

The Rabbi spung some realy insightful sermon including an interesting midrash about the sacrfice of Issac (which for some reason totaly passing MY understanding is the Torah portion for Rosh Hashanah but I digress) from the POV of that ram that stepped up last mintue to pinch hit for Issac, at the cost of HIS life. We really must track down the Rabbi and find the source of that one.

all in all things went well and we may well attend other functions when a rabbi is present . I suppose with my "friends" at nimbusters I have just invited down another torrent of abuse down on poor susan the president of the temple but that is just not my problem

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

first rocky planet outside our own system

a find being hopelessly into space exploration I had to mention it I just the story told us what star this rock was around

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tales from the mental ward

ran into a guy I met in the ward was glad to see he finaly got back out was his first few hours we compared notes etc, met his step father (yes he is younger than I but that much younger so you nimnutts are so OCD

tales from the mental ward

did a lot of walking on the ward a lot of walking nice even ground no bumps round and a around did a lot of thinking too.

conclusions I am more than a bit short on

Sunday, September 13, 2009

well 10 years ago today...

the moon left earth orbit at in space 1999 was in MQT that long?

I watched "breakaway " and they were tlaking about the dnagers of magetic or EM radiation an interesting thought cponsidering our current concerns about cell phones etc

Saturday, September 12, 2009

tales from the mental ward

went out amoug people god was that hard work to go for even a little bit. and those folks in MQT thougth I was ready to go home

BTW you guys will be seeing a few tales form the mental ward the tales will be true I will be changing the name to protect my fellow pataint and staff of course and yes I may simply the stories just a bit too of course

hi folks got back last night

well friday it happened the nervous breakdown that every says they are going to have well I had it. I frankly stopped seeing the world as it truly , the rally scaray part s thT i also was aware what I was seeing was not reel really Scary stuff went to the ER in Lanse spent the night in the hopsital in lanse because I was thinking the va was going to accpt me in in Madison then in the morning they backed out, that I was placed in MQT ythink I got there on Sun some how a day is missing form my reckoning thought was in MQT til friday (yestder got home home here lateand I am back online to follow

basicaly some old repressed memories orf my army day since to be repressed and I had real trouble hand more later

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

this is scary

This is scary
this is not supposed to happen in these United states