Sunday, May 25, 2008

on the treatment of newcoming to our hobby

it is in a word disgracefull

myself some 10 years ago I took the 2 exams for the tech exam. I was then pressed to try a Morse Code exam not once but several times yes the VE did not know my history but No does mean No it is not generaly a figure the matter was pushed to point I had to demand my papers be signed so I could leave the room at this the other VEs finaly steped and dealt with the ve the team leader as it happened, i don't blame and the with the end of code testing this is I hear out of the ve "bizz" I have anttened VE sesions were those not express an interest in morse were derided being insulted before they even receive their Callsign nor has this behavoir stopped with the end of code testing, I have myself seen I heard it with my own ears

I read QRZ truky I think if feed wants to be of any service to the new guys he should barr new license hoilder form the site till they have had a chance to meet a decent ham or two, that gruop of misantropes could cudle an egg not merely in the sheel but sitll in the chicken before she lays it

indeed the treament of newcomers to our hobby tend to make think what would happen if we as a society put out convicted child sex offenders in charge of child daycare.

as gruop the ARS allows a few folks to enage in this behavoir then stands around wondering why there are not new hams

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