Thursday, October 15, 2009

well new on health front

now this is not the latest on obamacare, to hell or google for that but the latest on my health First they said no simple single would make me wake up on and not be depressed.......


big time

one little pill taken every morning look containing 50 micro gram yes micro not milli seems likely to do the trick. What is the drug ? thyroid hormone basically yes it is now a settled issued I am HYPOthyroid that is my body does not make enough of that hormone. the result is not only am I cold often a bit shubby and tired much of the time but that I can get deressed ....nobody ecver told me about that last till last week. the tests on thyroid function in my case are borderline, so the mental ward tried decided totry it and see what worked . the first day I kinda stoped feelign so cold the net2 days more and I am feeling good I was late this morning because I got out of the ward last last night and did not get to walmart in time to get the drug last night fet a bit run down till 30 minutes or so after i told it and wow they can have that along with my minpress and amaryl when they pry the bottles out of my cold dead fingers

BTW MY meds are simple minipress nrmaly for high blood pressure but it has been found to help with nighmares as well (3 milligrams at night normal BP related uses 5 twice a day)
amaryl 2 mg diatets and now synthrpoid currently 50 mcg and may avcray before we settle on a dose

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