Saturday, October 31, 2009

my blogging a retrospective

back in 2006 I started this blog my first back on old blogger. I did after seeing various people blogging with other peoples callsigns with materail defaming the owners of thoose call signs very as the and atack the owners of thier callsigns amog the first content I posted was a peice of documenting the evidence of various extorion schems being directed again me somethign entitled "in the unlikely event of my death" i never realy expected the bpog to be well read but judged from the I get from google adsense i must be getting a fair amount of traffic .

after awhile I added more topic related blogs such as eme and vhf stuff then hf stuff and tehcinal stuff part of this was to keep stuff more readable part was bacause it meant more o my stuff shows up on google therefore less of the harrassment shows up as prominately

then a few yaers this boog was hijacked by the admited hacker calling himself dloyd lavies a friece foe of lloyd Davies so I created these blogs the war blog and coments about that blog here till I finaly humialted him into returning control to me

along the way I manged to pick various tosed and delted attack blog to keep them from being used as attack platforms again me after being introduced to VE7KFM himself thanks to efforts of dloyd/delorean to induce a direct state of cyber war between us by means of forged email to each of us as if written by the other. Instaed of biting I wrote a very stargely wored and heged email to him derect and we concluded that each was the victum of yet another set of force and fraud, we began claborateing based on the ancient "enemy of my enemy" theory, as had become clear to me that our foes over lapped in large degree, event seemed to porve that after the fall of Robeson k4yz mostly due his addmitting he was taking his vacation time in order to harrass me online, the late w4nti was mY lead foe while his k3vr was KFM's (these matters were proven to my satifaction when w4nti become a SK or corpse in non ham parlance
) with him I comlaberated and producing a seris of counterpunching blogs that targeted k3vr kz8o, n1fm and w4nti

I run a some fun blogs about my dog my horses and my chickens

it has been quite a run over the last few years and who knows what the next few years will bring

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