Friday, October 30, 2009

on my Health

for those follow the saga of my current bout with PTSD and thyroid related dysfunction, after my doc has seen me this past week he got on the phone and admit to Copper Country Mental Health to confess he was in area out of his expertise and that was uncomfortable trying to prescribe for me I will now in addition to a MSW Therapist be seeing and MD in the pych filed (not sure the exact credential) with experience in treating thyroid related depression, which is what I have been suffering from of late . this was not seen until we tried Thyroid meds during the last stay in MQT General I am feeling very much better indeed much than I felt in many long years at least I have to wait for an appointment with new doc late in Nov (no i am not going to tell you guys the date. also we need to keep track and deal with the fact my body may finally be showing the result of the salt level I have consumed and the other effects on my metabolism, but as I told my doc "you can have this SynThroid when you pray it out of my cold dead hands"

I don't mean to sound the geriatrics nets we sometimes hear on 75M but this my blog and if you don't like reading this stuff you can try another url

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