Wednesday, May 2, 2007

well Robeson has come out back or out of the closet (on RRAP)

personaly I think he has been here all the time posting through annymice but maybe he has wandered off and come backRRAP was trashed by years of His use (and others) trying to balckmail and harrassment about peopel sexlifes to attack themI am flattered by Robeson suggestion I am responsible for the fact that Gay bashing exist in the world, it is rather the overblown notion tof the NAZI's that the Jews are behind everything, and to be one person and have such power. it is flatering but in all truth i Must tdecline the "honnor"the truth is my sex life is at issue because robeson et al went hunting and tried to blackmail me about something they found out and that I do not conceal. I am bisexaul and would try most anything at least oncewhen he blackmailed me on te subject I outed myself to the NG expecting a slight flutter and the we would move oninstead Steve escalated to death threats and began his now 9 year Jihad to try to rid the wolrd of me not merely the NG but the world his threats and harrassment never stoped even when I abseted myself from the NG for roughly 5 yeas but the prep for the fight to finaly end code testing were beging and I wanted in on thatI have always adknowlede my responibility for this my mistake was in being far too honest. indeed the only lesson that ayone can take from obeson feud with me is that Honesty is borderline suicidal in this day and age

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