Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Karma realy does work I am pleased to say

Close...But No Cigar... Current mood: depressed from steves blog really pays to work in an Emergency Department...Sunday morning, 15 April 2007 at about 02:30 I was bringing agurney down from the ICU back to the ER when I felt like the left sideof my face was falling off...In a way, it was...My first thought was I was having a stroke, and that's just theway it looked...Loss of control of the left side of my body, speechslurring, no pain but lot's of confusion. My partner went for help,and before you know it, I was in the CT scanner.Luckily, it was NOT a stroke, but a condition called Bell's Palsy,a CNS failure to the cranial nerves of the face that cause the loss ofcontrol of the face.There are obvious residuals...My left eye is drooping badly andit doesn't blink. I have to manually close the eye frequently or itstarts tearing so badly I can't see. Also, I can't keep pressureagainst my mouth...It's as if I had a massive amont of Novacainethere...My biggest dissapointment is that I can't whistle..I don'tsmoke and I can't tell you how long it's been since I had a cold beer,but I have a habit of whistling tunes I like...Now I can't even dothat...Oh well..Good news says that it's supposed to resolve anywhere from a fewdays to a few months...I'm on meds for it and hope it's sooner thanlater...No one likes to have a one-eyed Nurse starting their IV's!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------interesting maybe I will believe that steve has been gone awhilea neraul malfunction he has now been made to suffer from and yet he still can not mange to show any compassion for those that suffer from other kinds of problems but no his return to RRAp is nothing but his heaps of abuseI wonder if steve learned anything from itit may be less than noble but I certainly a good laugh out of it. truly what comes has started around on Steve

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