Wednesday, May 2, 2007

amazing the way the stalkers act like the PLO

Lardass Stan has sent you a link to a blog: How do you like what those teenagers I paid did to your dish Marqueer? Bwa HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! They'll finish up later while you're gone to Milwaukee. Bwa HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Blog: accounts of the Kosher Ham Post: a little sabtoage ? but.... Link: --Powered by Blogger if anymore was needed to convince that the dish was not sabotaged this is itnot sure when I am next going to Milwaukee OTOH tjust because I go doesn't mean the place deserted my old man is here and he knows how to use a weapon too and to dail 911if you are truly going to attack the dish you need to hurry and do do before the west wall of the courtyard I am building arround where it is mounted get finished

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