Thursday, November 19, 2009

a wet tale of water pipes

in the place here we have the old trailer and the new cabin where my wife an live . gives me, my wife some privacy from my dad who lives in the old trailer

problem: the old trailer is OLD and I had to bypass/replace most of the plumbing in it. one of my early pieces of that work (done in 2003 BTW as some of my very first plumbing work) developed a fault sometime before 1 ish when I went to find it leaking all over the place. the original was not my best work although it was as I said some of the very first work I ever in plumbing and man was it a pain to fix/replace got it done with a very high NSVI (Needed Satisfying Vulgarity Index)

but it is done and the new stuff should be easier to work with than what I had put all those years ago

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