Saturday, November 7, 2009

an obit sorta to atraitor

Maj Haasan the recent terrorist at Ft hood well in word he is a despicable but another word that we need to avoid leaving out is TRAITOR . I do hope is so charged personally Id not mind a spot on his firing squad but i expect we could pay for health care over haul by raffling off the sport on that team.

I can understand that He did not want to go overseas , indeed I don't want to return to active duty for such a purpose myself, but honestly if he was just so adverse to going over seas to help americans in those areas then why not just desert and gpo to Canada or somewhere to avoid this unpleasant duty, and at least put that expensive education we the armerican taxpayers gave him to some use. No he decided to KILL his fellows violating not only his oath to the USA but the Hippocrates one as well, to have taken the money and run would be despicable but at least it is not the only crime defined in the Constitution of the USA.

Not only had Hassan forsworn himself twice as I have described above, but he archived little if any real damage to the USA but has done great damage to Islam and it image here in the USA. he has placed the target of suspicion on EVERY loyal serving Muslim and every Muslim civilian he did not even accomplish the disruption of our unit deployment

while we must remember that "the road from legitimate suspicion to rampant paranoia is very shorter than we would like to think"(ST:TNG Drumhead) but also the joke told to explain why no muslims apear in Startrek "they did not make it"

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