Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a rejoiner to "now you are HF active

"first I thank the author for his thought wether or I not I agree with you I do respect.OTOH I simply feel you and others have failed to understand what you were up against in the Code test fight which I don't consider quite over yet, anymore than "mission acomlished" was the end of the Iraq war. I exepct indeed my inbox have receieved a number of threast if I dare use my new found prevledges, some of these are threats to murder me, my family, my dog my inlaws, (and I truly wish I were kidding I have gotten all of those threats and more since THE DAY) Till I am able to operate on the Air the battle is not over. I did not take part in this fight only to lose the resulting "peace" I know full well I will encounter jamming of my signals. I do now from time to time on VHF and up, I know this will presistThe question you pose begs the question: why do I want to use this mode? I spent year in my youth trying and failing to obtain a Novice License, the experence of 5 year trying and failing is certainly incentive to try again 20 some almost 30 year older than when I started. And suppose you had a wand that over come that and sudden allow my brain to process these signals: what then do I gain? one more mode amoug many others? one I must lisstrain to hear through static? if I am straining to hear throught the static I I am seeking the reward of seeking Human Contact. Morse Coded CW offers me only the interent chatroom plus the noise of HF. it hardly seems worth it.If I were to take this step (which in may case I think beyond any ability I have anything close close to the time to expend on) who do I get to "talk" to the same people I least want to contact are amoug them.People call me lazy because I don't want to spend even more effort than I have. to a point I supose that is fair, but I would contend this is the crux of the Code debate. I don't value effort for efforts sake. I value efofrts vs results I.E. Profit, yes the Kosher Ham is capitalist Pig and proud of it. I want the most return from my effort in the case of Our Hobby (which has it service overtones etc) I want to to maximize the return. and no matter how I try to look at it. I see MorseCoded CW as a poor risk and bad investment.I am banned from QRZ for saying basicaly 'never stop.. never stop fighting till the fight is done" the code war is not yet over, indeed sadly I fear i may never live to see the end of that war even though I am 42 and pretty good health. The fight will be over when the ARS is aplce i can operate on the air with it being resasonable bet that I may entouer some the proCoder retain their chip the size of RMS Titanic on their shoulders. then war is over, how long is up the side the did not prevail in working of this republicps I have been reading most of the stuff on qrz on this matter the original piece is about the only I realy felt was worth comenting on

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