Wednesday, November 22, 2006

an interesting delimia for a kosher Ham

it seem that one way people enage in attacking thee foes these day wit hate blogsIn other notes I have refered to several some targeting my foes others myselfAnew is particularly distruubing one it very targets It frankly disgusts me the Target are in one case a self avowed Neo NAZI who I have no reason do anymorething than maybe give the time and direction to a creatorim I also have no reason to beieve he is jewish a pedophile or any of the restSteve Holstien I know littel of other than he is something of a Homophobe/gay bashing whoose has been accused and either convicted of oor plead to some chagre involed sexaul misconduct.I make this notation in the interest of justice I dounce the obvious fraud involed in the "blog" and enourage anyone that reads these word to go to and flag it as objections able as I also urge you to do int he case of the following I am human enough to put myself first a couple that attack a man I find troughly despictable but clearly mental ill and I wish him left alone so he may have some prayer of become a more noraml humanI realy must find a link to that poem the "they came for the jeews and I was not one...

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