Wednesday, July 21, 2010

a reprint of some ham realted stuff emcom ok for ham workers

Here's some actual ham content for the board, instead of the routine,
brain-dead kiddy porn from Markie Mularkie, Toad, and the Karol crowd.

According to RM-10-124, the FCC will allow us to operate during
emergencies, even if we're employess of the 'served agency.'

Employees are not being paid to operate an Amateur Radio station per
se, rather they are employees operating an Amateur Radio station
incidental to an emergency preparedness drill (or bonafide emergency,
for that matter) while in a paid status at work.

eg: I happen to be an ER Nurse (really!)..I have my HT with me...We
get hit by a tornado and the lights go out and the phones are dead. I
am in a paid status, using my Amateur Radio license and facilities to
effect emergency communications. It's no longer 'illegal' for me to do
that, not that I ever expected the FCC would have tried to cite me (or
anyone else, for that matter) in those circumstances anyway!!

Perhaps some delineation needed to be made by the FCC, but I think the
entire NPRM / R&O was a stick-and-pony show for the nit-pickers and
the Chicken Little crowd over this strawman argument about our bands
being 'taken over' for 'routine' EmComm uses.


Steve, K4YZ

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