Monday, December 7, 2009

amazing the varriation in snowfalls

report from the mining gazette

yea was in Houghton Hancock today with dad( regular check up for dad) was not pretty there but out by me we have a bout 1 foot or less and milder winter no actual snow falling when we got home

got home to find a sheriff deputy waiting for me it seems Chad was complaining that I was doing something at home while I was in fact in town with my dad with that went no where fast and the cop lead Chad off to his house then came back and asked if I wanted to complain about the false report I said hell yes or words to that effect. I suspect our "friends" at are still bothering that man I wish they would stop, but alas this is not going to happen it seems.

I may just stay in the house tomorrow and go out again on Wednesday I do have have a few i could use to do tomorrow in town by they could wait

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