Saturday, December 22, 2007

finaly tuned in 14.275

turned my stomach

you I supported the war and GW Bush , I have laid on life on the line for the nation frankly what I heard in few mintue makes me wish for a few second the Brits HAD prevailed in the revolution I don't care if VE7KFM were in a supporter of Al-Quadeda as aleged in is interesting I never heard a clear iding of the signals claiming they were being qrm'ed indeed I heard what Karol would no doubt claim was Crow use ve7kfm as his id

I also seemto recall that it is forbidden to sing on ARS freq, isn the case I heard it is not only inpoper but total enseemly

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kk5mr said...

I've not heard that guy in awhile... maybe he was served notice...?