Tuesday, January 2, 2007

a sight I have been watching with some interest

I have been watching with interest the recent cyber terror attacks directed aginst the neoNAZI's like http://www.vonbluvensshow.blogspot.com/ and http://halturnershow.blogspot.com/ and other NeoNAI ayran nation type groups. It satrted with massive efforts to overload Hal turners server(s) and has spread to others amusing that Nazi.org seems unaffectedthe prerps in this intereternet seem to be http://turnerchan.blogspot.com/ although some darkly suggest that various WN or NeoNazis are responible I doubt the latter as it would seem beyond their ken although each Figure is trying to exploit the matter for any benfit they can direve from itso i watch and wait to see what developesas I belive the rest of us should

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