Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the old blog is back in my hands sure exactly what I will do with its return is an expected but welcome trun of events over a rather sleazy sort of concept that doubt will last online long but I could be wrongI intended that by posting merely true statements there about wisemen and robeson i would provoke an over the top posting from someone one so outragous it could not believedas the quoted result below showsThe person named Mark Morgan, living at 17366 River Rd. Chassell, MI 49916, is an internet stalker, elderly abuser, welfare fraud, and child pornography maker. He keeps a trash dump in his front and back yard and never seems to do lawn maintenence, mainly because he stays on the internet for hours and hours stalking others and making sure his homosexual and child molesting agenda are on the front burner. One should avoid moving near him at all costs.clearly an insane and outragous post I got the interesting result that it was SIGNED in the name Dloyd Lavies and gave a link to my stolen blog which apreatentlky produced some effect that he real Dloyd found as reason to return to me what was mine, amounting to an interesting bank shot vicotory sorta like the circular firng sqaurds we often see in runing for the nomination of the various poltical parties,truly an amzing result a victory in the expected battle oever Rotten nieghboor far byeond my hopes

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