Thursday, July 19, 2007

no accounting for madness

Thursday, July 19, 2007 read Hal truner mostly for entertainment value but this must be comented onthe link above pruports to cotain the conets of email received by Hal and his coments on itit boils down to the sugestion that the US Army has spent some time thinking thinking about what to do in the event of an rebelion here in the USAwhile the true plans for such would a secert .I can state absultely that they exist the army has plans for war with everybody inclduing various WN nationalist gruops in the usa and all of our allies enemies and petencail combatants like PA in the west and Isreal the only folksI doubt they have plans against is Hamas in the Gaza but I am certain they are working on thosethis simply part and parcel of the model of the german general staff that is used by every real military of the world todayi supoe it may play well in his efforts to solict donations to his cause, might be mildly educational to the public

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