Wednesday, February 21, 2007

an account of hf weekend part 1 delayed report

well things stared out pretty dead at midmight as expected at 12:10 a gruop of my then gathered to tlak to each other on 10M I arranged that my wife should have the honor of the first qsofirday morning set for Eat Troy where my father in law lives trying out my new 10 m adio as I went made a few conacts as I went south , biggest observation was the noise level arround around even smal cities like Like Green Bay WI Milwakee the noise was just horrible and I truned the radio off as I had managed to arive at rush hour turned it on a bit as I pulled out of townsat morning scruiied into AES for the exam place was a Zoo a very good sight for the ARSmust have 40-50 people starting out taking exams which did not count the paperwork upgrades being handled in another room and people keep coming in Indeed after I took my geneal (passed) and extra exam (which I fialed one too many this time not suprised) there was someone waiting for my chairdropped in AES itself to pick up some stuff and headed home made a few more contactrs on the way all preetlocal although I did hear from the LP of Michigan possible on VHF but not commonit is now sunday about noon time to turn on the radio here and see what is upI'd sting the new G5RV-M up but it is very windy today and the thing is 200 feet long should have check that and maybe picked a smaller anttenna like a 20 m DipoleKB9RQZ/ag

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